Heating Repair

Reliable Heating Repairs

Age and lack of proper maintenance are the most common reasons for a heating system breakdown. When your furnace lets you down, depend on the reliable technicians at AC Sure Plan to repair any make or model of residential furnace or heating system. 

Our North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified team members are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to all HVAC repairs. Call 858-566-4800 for an appointment.

Pre-Service Call Checks

Before you call us for repair services, look at the thermostat. Is it set to a warm temperature? Does it need new batteries?

Check the circuit breaker. During the winter, the circuit can be tripped due to an overload from space heaters, ovens, and other appliances. 

Examine the air filter. A dirty one can negatively impact the efficiency of your heater and make it seem broken. Clean the air filter or replace it.

If you haven’t solved the problem, let us diagnose the issue and provide fast solutions. 
Call Us When You Need to Schedule HVAC Service
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