AC Repair

Efficient AC Repairs

When your air conditioning system breaks down, turn to the efficient experts at AC Sure Plan for efficient repair services. While we are there, we’ll take the time to perform routine maintenance for any potential issues we may find. 

Trust us for same-day service, highly trained technicians, and competitive rates. Call 858-566-4800 for HVAC repairs.

What to Do If Your AC Unit Stops

Check the thermostat. Make sure it's set to a cool temperature and that the batteries haven't died on more modern thermostats.

Check the circuit breaker. During peak summer months, the AC circuit can be tripped due to an overload from other devices like refrigerators or freezers that work hard during the summer.

Check the system's air filter. A bad one can significantly decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner and make it feel like it isn't working. Clean the filter and replace it or buy a new one if needed.

If you have checked these features and nothing's changed, ask us to make a repair visit and we'll provide clear steps, pricing, and options. 
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